where do I go when leaving the park?

The park supports, and will be joining, Internet Writing related webrings and organizations. For information on the affiliations of the Park, please look here! This page will also give you pointers to other places on the Web that might interest you.

where do I go in the park?

The park is quasi-linear. That is, there is a linear textflow story at the heart of it, but it is designed to encourage digressions, wandering, and occasional complete non sequiturs. This page offers a few hints on navigating the park.

The main page (or the Bench) is the primary entry point for the park. At various places in the park, paths lead back to the Bench in the form of a button:

[To the Bench]

At any point, this button will return you to the main page.



As indicated in the 'What is park ethereal' page, the site is organized around a linear story. This story, titled 'Park Ethereal,' serves as the base structure for the site. It is divided into chapters. Each of these chapters begins with a park ethereal banner, as follows:

Any text document beginning with this banner is a chapter of the base story. The first chapter is accessible here. It is also linked to the main image of the Bench. This image may show up elsewhere as the site banner; but the only stories on which it will appear will be base chapters.

Within the textflow, at the foot of each section, there are uptime and downtime buttons which will, respectively, move you up or down the story's timeline:



The page contains other works and images. Some will be inlined with the text, if they are relevant; some lurk on the site just beneath view, accessible only through links in the page itself. There are three ways such links may appear. First, there can be simple inline text links to other works on the page. Second, the various images on the site may in fact be imagemaps or buttons, containing links to other random or not-so-random bits. Finally, there is a provision for random wandering (which may not be working yet). Whenever you see a 'wander button', pressing it will take you to a random spot in the park:


That's essentially all you need to know. Have fun, and feel free to make yourself at home.

-The Custodian

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