what is park ethereal...

The park is a place in which I store the various musings of my life; where I keep them for future immersion and exhumation. The name Park Ethereal is from a story I wrote/am writing/will be writing, around which the base structure of this site is organized. I began writing the tale in 1991 after moving to New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, following graduation from college...so the tale may be interpreted as at least quasi-autobiographical.

Along the way, it has become infused with other writings and musings, as well as very personal images of the places it describes. I spent a great deal of time in some of them (I'll leave it to you to figure out which; you might be surprised) and they have become an integral part of who I am. The question of identity is one which has always fascinated me; although I haven't yet done much reading on the philosophical subject, I've done a great deal of thinking about the mechanics of it.

Next, allow me to present some notes on the mechanics of the Park itself. It contains all forms of my musings, and as such, they may be found in all sorts of places. There are text hyperlinks; I've made no attempt to conceal them, in order to encourage wandering. They may not always return to precisely where you began from; in such cases, I would encourage you not to resort to the linear crutch of the 'back' button but to move forward and explore. If you don't wish to interrupt the text stream you're reading, keep going; the link will still be there when you finish. There will be links within imagery as well; links to text, to other images, etc. etc. Try surfing your cursor across images; I'm not going to be obvious about imagemapping. There may even be links to external sites on the web (I haven't decided yet). If there are such to a site of yours, and you do not wish the link to exist, inform me and I will promptly remove it.

I maintain a page that tries to answer technical questions you may have about the construction and maintenance of the Park; please, look there for information on hardware or software.

I would like to note that all materials on this site (except where specifically denoted otherwise) are exclusively copyright of the author. I realize that this may carry little weight with some without my explicit identification; I would note, however, that I have hardcopy proof of its provenance and origins, and will if necessary defend my ownership of it. I would respectfully ask that you treat the site as my property and home, and be a welcome visitor. Links to the site itself are welcomed; although my preference is that any links be made to the main page, I am in no position to enforce this and really have no objection to sublinks.

If you feel that the Park in fact has an entrance which lets out close to a site of your own, by all means email me; I will be happy to set up links to others' web homes.

I suppose that's all, really. Welcome, welcome; my home is still under construction, so check back at will, things may have changed. Thank you for your interest, and I hope you take away something of value to you.

-The Custodian

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