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The Infrastructure of the Park...

The Park was (and is) constructed and maintained preferentially using Apple Computer® equipment. The page construction, as is visible from the HTML source, is done using Claris Home Page. All editing was done on a Power Macintosh 8500 and a cobbled-together Macintosh that can best be described as being a 50-MHz 030 Mac II derivative. The page itself used to be served from a completely anonymous 486 DX2/66 box running Red Hat Linux 5.0 and Apache 1.3, because even my Mac IIvx had better things to do than be a server (like run Netscape, Office and Nisus Writer at my office desk) and a 486 DX2/66 is a quite powerful box- as long as you're not running Microsoft software.

We've upgraded, however! The Park now runs Red Hat 6.0 and Apache 1.3.9 on an even more anonymous P200MMX. Why did I wait so long to upgrade? Allow me to present the following into evidence:

Tue Nov  9 20:45:14 EST 1999 8:45pm
up 365 days,  9:55,  1 user,  load average: 2.05, 1.18, 0.47

One year, no downtime- again, a 486/66 with 8(!) MB of RAM. That's it. http/mail/ftp server. Don't worry, the box is still around; it's acting as a cablemodem router.

I prefer Netscape's Navigator or Communicator, and use Communicator while building this site. I do endeavour, however, to stick to browser-agnostic HTML. I don't use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, though, and haven't checked my code against it. If you run across anything that you believe is being incorrectly displayed, please feel free to email me with details and I'll investigate.

These links do not reflect any connection between the Custodian and the listed firms; I don't stand to benefit in any way if you use their stuff or not. This is just for informational purposes.

Items currently used in the construction and presentation of this site include:

In addition, the wags would like to note that a goodly amount of ale was consumed as well, both purchased and homebrewed.

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