who is this story about...

There are perhaps several answers to this question, and they each may be formed in various ways. If you ask the question and focus on the writer, then the following is for you.

Who am I? If you care, this is an easy question to answer. This site contains copyright information which identifies me. I would stress, however, that this is an entirely unimportant datum, one which if you devote any effort to uncovering may in fact detract from the story itself. I welcome comments on it via email.

If you focus on the protagonist, an entirely separate answer will eventually surface:

Who is the protagonist? I don't know. Perhaps you can tell me. It is inevitable and not entirely undesirable that his adventures, travails and trials reflect at times those within or without my life, but he isn't me, I'm fairly sure. At least, he isn't me in this identity. He may, perhaps, serve as an identity into which I can file parts of me that I'd rather not have to fit into the confines of my more public self.

And finally, perhaps you're interested in the second and maybe main character of the story...

You may find all this somewhat pretentious. If so, by all means, hit your browser's 'back' button and return to whatever link led you here; if that is your impression at this point, it is unlikely you'll take anything away from this place with you that will be worth your time and explorative effort. You may find it interesting or entertaining, and if so, I am well served in its creation.

-The Custodian

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