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Park ethereal the web site, and all materials on it, are copyright ©the custodian unless otherwise noted (inline, as with the guestbook Perl script, or excluded below). NOTE: Clicking the custodian's links on this page will take you to the custodian's home page in the World for identification purposes. This is not a catastrophe; however, I would stress that my identity is an entirely unimportant datum except for protecting my legal rights to this material. Knowing my identity will not add anything to the story, and may in fact detract from it.

The Website is ©1998; other materials on the site are of varying dates. Use of any of this material for purposes other than review or to offer links to this website is not allowed without the author's permission, and the author (the custodian unless otherwise noted) retains full rights to this material, with hardcopy proof of provenance and origin. If you are interested in using this material, by all means contact the custodian.


  • All imagery associated with Webrings on the links page
  • The 'book' image used to create the Guestbook icon on the main page was created using the base image of a book from Cyan's web site for Myst, altered by the custodian. I hope they won't freak; but if anyone from Cyan sees this and has an objection, email me!


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